Our History

Welcome to the Retro Barne

In 2006, Motorsport Director Dave Vardy studied at Derby University completing degree in Motorsport Engineer in 2008. Working in education, an idea was formed between Dave and his colleague George Clarke, to start a rally team. One that helped bring people into the world of motorsport, inspiring others to follow their dreams and prove that to get to the very top your passion and drive can take you there. George and Dave worked hard over the next ten years getting the team involved in many motorsport disciplines whilst keeping Rally as the core activity. Race wins came in the Classic VW Challenge and victories came in abundance whilst supporting the wonderful talent that is Jordan Rushby who progressed through the ranks into the British Superbike race calender. But one thing has always been the single ambition throughout. To get to Goodwood Festival of Speed and ultimately win an award there.We have spent years competing at various levels on the Goodwood Forest Rally Stage but in 2018 a new company was formed heading up the VrD portfolio; VrD Developments. Under this company George and Dave remain equal business partners, share driving of the cars but have a new passion for George as Driver and Dave as CoDriver to go even further.

In 2019 the first of many dreams we have been chasing came true…. “In 2008 I went to Goodwood with my Father and we chased a certain Petter Solberg across the grass who was buying his little boy a Subaru hat. We chatted for a while and I told him I wanted to compete at this event. He told me to never give up on my dreams.

11 years later, the Duke of Richmond, the man behind Goodwood itself, stood on the stage at the winners enclosure and started a speech describing me in the following words…..

“The Festival of Speed Spirit of the Rally Stage is presented after a vote by Officials, Marshalls and Commentators to the driver that represents everything that Rallying stands for.
And the young man that won it optimises the true spirit of rallying….”

He then presented me with one of the four top awards which the others went to, Petter and his Son ! The journey became complete on that very moment !” Winning this prestigious award has given us the platform to now go event higher in the world of Motorsport and the team we work with gives us the edge to do just that. During the day you will find us building, prepping, and restoring road and race cars. We do this so we can compete by the weekend where you will see us rallying across Europe.

We know Rallying, we know how to win, we want to inspire and we NEVER QUIT !