About Us

Welcome to the Retro Barne

Automotive Specialist in Motorsport and Vehicle Restorations.

Whether it is your daily road car, modified daily, tuned track car or race/rally car…

We are here at VrD Developments to support your needs.

We can offer everything under one roof at our purpose built Retro Barne in Nottingham City Centre

– Routine Maintenance & Inspections

– Winter Vehicle Checks

– Road or Race Tyres Supplied or Fitted

– Custom Body Work – Welding and Frabrication

– Motorsport Build and Prep – Fast Road Performance upgrades

– Diagnostics

– Vehicle Restoration

– A posh coffee and a Hob Nob !

We are official UK dealers of a wide range of performance and motorsport brands covering every aspect of every vehicle. We can supply any part by mail order or fitted’